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The "Thin Man" Drinking Game

So, TCM ran a "Thin Man" marathon for NYE this year. This would have been much more useful if I had written it before said event, but just in case any of you wants it for next year, or otherwise has considered having such an event on your own, I present:

“The Thin Man Drinking Game”


1.       Take a drink every time Nick or Nora takes a drink.

2.       Take a drink every time Nick or Nora denies that the other is his/her spouse.

3.       Take a drink every time Nick or Nora denies that Nick is still a detective.

4.       Take a drink every time one of Nora’s relatives prevents Nick from drinking.

5.       Take a drink every time anyone (including Nora) takes a drink that Nick prepared for himself.

6.       Take a drink every time Nick embarrasses Nora or Nora embarrasses Nick.


Optional rules

1.       Special “coup de grace” rule: take a drink every time Nick goads someone into a reaction by implying they committed the crime

2.       Special "film geek" rule: take a drink whenever a character actor appears for the first time if you can name him/her and at least one other movie in which he/she appears.

3.       Special "hopeless romantics" rule: take a drink every time Nick or Nora convincingly professes true love for the other.

4.       Special "who’s in my house" rule: take a drink every time Nick’s old friends hold a party at Nick & Nora’s house without permission.

WARNING: It is not recommended that you apply all nine rules in viewing all five movies. They have been designed with the intention of there being an inverse relationship between # of rules and # of movies. This can be modified according to participants' alcohol tolerance and willingness to pass out before the end.
Tags: crime drama, drinking, movies

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